1. Ugly Singles Club 005: Nick Normal / Jon Johnson Split

  2. Pills, Pills / Yellow Dollar EP
    Goldlblums / Switchblade Cheetah

  3. Ugly Singles Club 004: "Help Me Lose My Mind" B/W "Get Old"
    TOP Nachos

  4. Chapel of the Bitch
    Switchblade Cheetah

  5. Ugly Singles Club 003 - Psychic Con EP

  6. Ugly Singles Club 002 - "What's A Hippy Anyway" b/w "Mi Juanito"
    The Vahnevants

  7. Nowns

  8. HEELS

  9. Wizard Love
    Fuzz Queen

  10. Person Whale
    Person Whale

  11. Hangman ❤ Bullshit
    Hangman ❤ Bullshit

  12. Ugly Singles Club 001- freakshow
    double cheese

  13. Gnat Bones

  14. the sorry tale
    thunder bunny

  15. Oil

  16. SHITSTORM / Army of Infants Split
    SHITSTORM & Army of Infants

  17. Whistling Song
    Electric Healing Sound

  18. Don't Try

  19. Drug Window

  20. I Promise to be No-Good

  21. Jerks

  22. Come See Me EP
    Love L.U.V.

  23. Director's Cut
    Thunder Bunny

  24. did you mean to be so pretty?
    Thunder Bunny

  25. ...there is a gate
    thunder bunny

  26. Tangled Up
    Electric Healing Sound

  27. Tonetta Theory
    Various Artists

  28. modern purveyors of filth and degredation
    Neon Lushell

  29. fuck you, you shattered star
    Thunder Bunny

  30. the pictures are my head
    black rabbit

  31. in a perfect world
    thunder bunny

  32. The Mellow Sounds of Switchblade Cheetah (Cassette)
    Switchblade Cheetah

  33. Postmortem EP

  34. New Nickname
    Nate Logsdon

  35. Bathtub Against the Sea
    Nate Logsdon

  36. Low Fidelity Living (free)
    Various Artists

  37. Low Fidelity Living 2 (free)
    Various Artists

  38. Low Fidelity Living 3 (free)
    Various Artists

  39. Low Fidelity Living 4 (free)

  40. Low Fidelity Living 5 (free)

  41. low fidelity living 6

  42. PaperCityNoiseMaker
    Various Artists

  43. Dream Cults

  44. NowHere


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